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Start of a new year

Sorry it has taken so long since my last rant! The last few months have been a very busy time for West Coast Authentic. We anticipated a bit of a slower start in January but that hasn’t happened with the completion of over 25 auctions alongside all the other day-to-day business we are trying to keep pace with!
December was an amazing month for WCA. We had the pleasure of having my friend Bernie Parent, HOF, Gerry Cheevers and HOF, Ted Lindsay come into Kelowna for a public signing during our Christmas show. All three were wonderful to host and a pleasure to chat with. The turnout was impressive. Thanks to all who attended!
The following week, we had Gordie Howe, Mr. Hockey, in town for a public signing. Mr. Howe was very gracious to all of his fans who took the time to stop by! It was very humbling to be able to spend approximately 7 quality hours with,arguably, the best hockey player in the world. It was amazing to say the least. It was also engaging to hear him talk about his wife who he lost this past year; his love for her is apparent in almost every story, in almost every breath. When you’re with him, you sense a bit of the magnitude of his loss. I believe it keeps him going by keeping busy these days.
We then made it through the Christmas rush and right into the week of the World Juniors. With Canada bringing home a silver medal with the assistance of our own Kelowna Rockets member, Brandon McMillan, Canadian pride was running well. A disappointing loss for sure but we are certainly proud of Brandon’s effort and his representation of Kelowna!
Also want to commend Tyler Myers on the wonderful year he is having! Very exciting to watch him play in the NHL and doing so well. I’m wondering if anyone else finds it funny that you, too, are watching more Buffalo games! LOL
Can anyone believe that the 2010 Olympics are only a couple of weeks away! I certainly can’t. With regards to the team picks…it is wild just how many great players come from the Canadian pool. I would love to create a second team out of the other players; I think it would be able to compete with the current teams very well. The only player I was disappointed in not being named was Vincent LaCavalier. Although he has had a slow start to his year, he would have been a great asset and a pleasure to watch. I wouldn’t mind seeing Phaneuf on the team as well, just to help in controlling Ovechkin as he did a few years ago in the World Juniors! WCA will be in various locations to raise money for charities on the coast throughout the two and a half weeks of the Olympics. My family and I are fortunate to be able to take in some of the events. I will attempt to blog a bit while there so watch for my updates. Also in the upcoming weeks we will be doing private signings with N.H.L. stars Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk, Carey Price and more. Watch the website for details on how you can order your items! We are ramping up on our private signings so stay tuned for the latest additions! We currently have an AMAZING inventory of 2010 Olympic jerseys IN STOCK from Luongo to Alexander , “The Great”. Contact us to get YOUR favourites!
I am also very excited to announce that WCA will be bringing you a new and improved website. We are in the final stages of an innovative, up-to-date website that will be more user- friendly and have lots of extras! You’ll want to check out the latest inventory and utilize our new online shopping cart.
On another note, I want to express my sincerest heartbreak for the people of Haiti as well as those Canadians who lost their lives during the recent earthquake. For the families abroad and the living Haitians, life can only be reassembled with the continued assistance of the rest of the world. WCA is proud to support this cause and I encourage all of our customers and sports fans to give to the Red Cross to make their burden a little bit less. Every little bit counts.
Lastly, I just wanted to comment on the Patrice Cormier flying elbow incident which resulted in Cormier receiving the suspension for the rest of the year including playoffs. After watching the hit, I believe it is one of the most devastating, premeditated hits that I’ve ever seen in hockey and this needs to be addressed from the ground up. I just watched a bunch of 9 year-olds brawling on TSN in a Russian game which included some 20 or more kids. Something needs to be done about this type of behaviour on the ice and I think that Cormier is very lucky is able to play hockey after this year. He very easily could have killed Mikael Tam and this type of incident has no place in the game of hockey. Hopefully, he has learned a valuable lesson and can make better with the community as well as prove himself again on the ice.
Here’s looking forward to a spectacular 2010! Hope everyone is finding themselves refreshed and ready to make 2010 the best it can be for you and your families! Feel free to drop me a line anytime with your comments, wishlists or fundraising needs!